Top 10 Blockchain Start-Up’s For 2017


Newbies to the Cryptocurrency world have probably heard so much about Bitcoin and have done some research on the technology behind it. Bitcoin and Blockchain start-ups are definitely sprouting up within the tech innovation hubs all over the world.

Lately, Blockchain has earned its spot ahead of Bitcoin because of the technology that opens doors to greater opportunities.

Many companies in various fields like healthcare, financial, media, security, consumer products, etc…are looking for ways to incorporate Blockchain into new start-up companies.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are the rage at the moment, with Litecoin, Dodgecoin and many others pushing their way up the ladder, however, Cryptocurrencies are only one faucet of the many Blockchain based products and services.

Did you know that last year alone, Venture Capital firms had pumped a record breaking $1 billion into Bitcoin and Blockchain start-ups? This year we have the IT giants like Microsoft and IBM launching their own initiatives that support the Blockchain development.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 Blockchain start-ups for 2017.

1. BitPesa

BitPesa is the fastest way to receive money in Kenya; this allows businesses to get paid and pay others in different currencies by using Blockchain on a global scale with a very low transaction fee. BitPesa saves you money by only accepting payments in Bitcoin, which cancels out the middleman like credit card companies.

2. Storj

Storj uses Blockchain as a localised cloud storage network to increase security and lower your cloud storage cost. Storj was launched in 2014 and has already developed a fully working product that migrates from Ethereum to Bitcoin.

Who would use Storj?

Companies or users who need extra secure storage space and can achieve this by renting storage for $0.015 per GB monthly.

3. Hijro

Hijro is a business financial network that increases with the help of many Blockchain apps. It also offers a platform for assets that are traded by using Blockchain. It is also connecting buyers, banks, and suppliers to one network that is designed to streamline the financial aspect of buying and selling without the risk of fraud.

4. Blockstack

Blockstack is a search engine that allows companies and individuals to control their identities, payment details and storage directly. They do this by keeping all the information of the user in a blockchain; this blockchain is a virtual chain that secures all relevant information.

5. Chronicled

Chronicled adds a tamper-proof encrypted seal to physical products and their packaging. The implanted microchip sends transactions and messages to create a unique timestamp history that proves provenance, possession, and proximity.

6. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint is a FinTech start-up designed for financial institutions. It enables firms to retrieve financial information from Blockchains as needed. AlphaPoint practically makes liquid assets “liquid”, which enables to be sold by a drop of a hat, which helps when the exchange markets crash.

7. OpenBazaar

An OpenBazaar is an online eCommerce platform, a decentralized network that allows peers to interact trade online with Bitcoin. These transactions have no fees or restrictions, unlike the current centralized networks that only allows buyers to pay using their money, PayPal, or credit cards.

8. Hashed Health

Hashed Health was designed to combine unique problems that the healthcare industry experiences. This platform is used to do research, engineer, and find solutions in real time.

9. Bloq

Bloq offers the technology for companies who do not yet have Blockchain encryption to do so at a lower cost. Bloq offers the building blocks to mould the Blockchain to the required needs of the user.

10. Monax

Monax is a platform where developers can use Blockchain to mould Blockchain based applications according to the needs of their company.


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