Blockchain-Fueled Smartglasses By Lucyd


Lucyd is developing AR smartglasses and a Blockchain app store, combining into the world’s first Blockchain-fueled smartglasses.

Augmented reality enhances one’s perception of reality with seamless information. AR is very popular in the entertainment and gaming industries, but will attract other sectors as it matures.

Blockchain is an open, decentralized ledger that has many uses, like being the basis for Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchains often use a utility token to represent real-world value, and these tokens are often “mined” by contributing computing power to the network. Lucyd is employing Blockchain technology in their smartglasses to create borderless community of developers and users united around the LCD token. Creating and reviewing new apps and content in AR “mines” the LCD token in Lucyd’s platform.

This is how Lucyd found an innovative way to use Blockchain to grow the community around their AR smartglasses. By decentralizing the app store for Lucyd Lens, their content ecosystem can grow much faster, because it automatically rewards engagement with the LCD token. The more downloads and good ratings an app gets, the more LCD is mined.

Lucyd is developing next-gen smartglasses that address a number of issues preventing smartglasses from going mainstream, like narrow field of view and prescription incompatibility. This makes Lucyd Lens potentially the first user-friendly, mainstream smartglasses. Click here for more information about Lucyd tech.

Lucyd aims to be pioneers in the AR industry, and with exclusive licenses to 13 advanced AR patents, they have the potential to produce a truly user-friendly wearable smartglass. Lucyd’s patents were developed at the premier optics lab at the University of Central Florida, and their lead inventor is on the Lucyd team.

Lucyd has assembled a knowledgeable management team and panel of leading science advisors, including 7 Ph.D.’s with significant expertise in optics, AR, ergonomics and management of public companies.

The foundation of Lucyd smartglasses is the combination of their licensed technologies and team of global leaders in relevant sciences. The addition of the Blockchain component has many benefits, including enabling crowdfunding through an ICO (initial coin offering), and many utilities on their planned AR platform, such as vocal in-AR transactions, a developer and user reward system, and a decentralized economy around the glasses.

Lucyd’s token is called LCD, and this is the currency that will allow for a “smooth, unfettered experience,” and will motivate content creation by allowing developers to mine it based on the community impact of their content.

The glasses are planned to be intuitive and plug-and-play. Lucyd Lens is anticipated to have these features:

• Device powered on and off by folding and unfolding stems, AR engaged and disengaged with a custom phrase.
• Front-facing camera for object detection and photo capture.
• Bone-conduction earphones flush in stems.
• Voice control, finger and eye tracking capabilities.
• Solid-seeming HD virtual objects.
• The Lens can be charged wirelessly via charging mat.
• The Lens acts as a Bluetooth peripheral display for smartphones and tablets, rendering traditional screens in AR.

Lucyd is led by a team based in Singapore. The core members consist of those who co-founded the company, namely Konrad Dombrowski who is heading Finance, Eric Cohen who is heading the App Development and Mr. H Gross who is lead on the Media side of things.


Lucyd’s smartglasses are not only set to be trendy but also very futuristic.
Lucyd is a portfolio company of Tekcapital plc, a UK-listed IP investment firm. Tekcapital’s purpose is to bring university discoveries to market. What makes Lucyd stand out as an ICO is that it was founded by a public company. Tekcapital has a large university research network that identifies new IP from four thousand institutions all over the world. This kind of heritage makes Lucyd a company that is controlled by experienced executives with public accountability, which is an advantage because it sets the tone of a well-controlled and balanced company.



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