Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Sued

Craig Wright

Craig Wright, who is the self-acclaimed creator of the world largest virtual currency, has been sued for stealing over one million Bitcoins from his former partner, Dave Kleinman after he passed on in 2013. The suit has been filed by Dave Kleinman’s estate. Dave Kleinman, for those who can recall well, was among the first individuals who adopted this Cryptocurrency.

The “Real” Satoshi Nakamoto?

For a long time, many people have been told that the creator of Bitcoin was an individual who was referred using the pseudo name, Satoshi Nakamoto. But according to this latest complaint, there are more questions that beg for answers.

According to this complaint that was filed on 14th February 2018 by Ira, who is Kleinman’s brother through Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, the two individuals, Wright and Kleinman were both involved with the development of the cryptocurrency from the time the idea was incepted. However, the documents they presented did not clearly state whether any of them was Satoshi Nakamoto, the real Bitcoin creator.

Craig Wright had earlier claimed that he was the rightful creator of Bitcoin. Based on this complaint, both Wright and Kleinman mined a total of 1.1 million bitcoins with assistance from one of the companies that was formed by Kleinman before he died.

Wright’s Illicit Trading

Before his death in 2013, which was caused by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Kleinman had given his family all the details that pertained to his operations with Bitcoin. It is alleged that Craig Wright took advantage of Kleinman’s death to forge, and even backdate several contracts that he later used to move the virtual currency assets that had been acquired with Kleinman to his accounts and those of his partnering firms.

Wright would later tell Ira Kleinman that his late brother, Dave Kleinman had signed away all his property rights for shares in one of the companies owned by him {Mr Wright}. He went on to state that the said company went bankrupt just few days after it started operations, and this left Kleinman Estate with nothing in their accounts.

As all these continued, Mr. Craig Wright continued to live a posh life, clearly sponsored by the money he illegally acquired from his ill crypto dealings.

Return the Stolen Funds!

Based on the claims that were tabled by the plaintiff, Dave Kleinman Estate management team, the court should prompt Wright to return back all the funds he allegedly stole from Kleinman. The total amount is in the region of 1.1 Bitcoins.

The funds allegedly stolen by Wright had exceeded $10 billion by the time the suit was filed. There is also an additional $1.5 billion, which is the current market cap for the leading Bitcoin forks; Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash.

There was an inquiry that was made asking for a proof of the documents authenticity, something that Ira Kleinman did not respond to through his attorneys. Wright has been issued with a summon, and he has to make a response within 21 days of receipt.


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