A patent designed for electronic files’ auditing system that is blockchain-driven has been awarded to Xerox. This patent, which is one of its own kind, has been awarded by the US Patent & Trademark Office – USPTO.

How The Journey Has Been


Xerox has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of best digital copying and printing appliances. The company filed the patent for the first time in August 2017, over a year down to the line. This patent by Xerox simply illustrates a blockchain-based technology that is used for the safe recording of revisions made to the digital and electronic documents. The patent has finally been awarded to Xerox. This, however, is not the first time Xerox is filing for such patents. It can be remembered that the company filed a similar patent back in 2016. In this previous patent, the company explained how it wanted to come up with a data timestamp protocol that is entirely based on blockchain. It would be used for data obtained from pictures and copies. Xerox wanted the marks to be entirely irrevocable, so the data could be easily submitted in court as evidence.

The Technology Behind The Patent

Xerox, through the patent, has offered a technology that can reportedly detect if a particular file has been altered in any possible way. In addition to that, the technology is also in a position to track the history of changes that have been made to the technology. Due to the verification system that is entirely decentralized, the system, therefore, becomes resistant to interfering with the filling part of it. While further describing the main technology that is behind this patent, Xerox has illustrated a number of blockchain nodes that might either approve or even dismiss each of the amendment that has been made. The filing system also suggests that the management system will notify the users each time a particular node has not been able to approve the document. The users will also be alerted if the content appears totally different from its main verified version.

The Benefits Of The Technology

The newly patented technology, according to Xerox, can be used for purposes of auditing electronic files in a number of service areas. It can be widely used for educational documents, tax papers, as well as both financial and medical records. The filing also points out specific criminal investigation records that should be protected from tampering and alterations. They include the results of DNA tests, photos taken from a crime scene, and interview notes. These must be protected.

Some of the most established electronic firms have filed a number of patent applications for a number of applications and proprietary iterations of the blockchain system. In a report released in September, IBM had filed more blockchain-related patent applications as compared to any other company that had previously filed. The blockchain patents that IBM had filed so far were more than 90. Just recently, this international company filed a patent that aims to use the blockchain system for purposes of offering assistance to scientific research and offering a record of its main results.


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