For people who were left behind in the Bitcoin massive returns on investments, there is a chance to become wealthy in Crypto trade. The best chances are in Ripple’s XRP, which analysts predict to gain massively in the foreseeable future in the same way that Bitcoin trend was bullish in much of the period between 2010 and 2017 and overall.

XRP Is An Outlier In The Crypto Market

In the last 24 hours as at the time of writing, Coin Market data shows that XRP price is bullish with an aggregate price surge of a mind-boggling 37.76%. The Token is now trading at unprecedented highs of $0.47 at a daily volume of $1,862,811,143. The XRP Tokens in circulation have a supply of 39,809,069,106 XRP, this makes the total market capitalization of this Cryptocurrency to be $18,713,349,157. Therefore, from the latest Crypto market data, XRP is quickly closing the gap with the second largest Crypto, Ethereum (ETH) and the investors might be getting a new list realignment sooner than most investors can imagine.

The bullish trend now makes XRP to have the highest returns on investment. From a wider perspective, on the list of 100 leading Cryptos, Ripple’s XRP becomes the second after Aurora’s AOA which is exchanging hands at $0.0313 at a market cap of over $108 million. The third Cryptocurrency on the list if MonaCoin’s MONA that is trading at $1.21 with a market cap of $76 million.

Collectively, the three are outliers in the market as the current average gains are about 7%. However, XRP still remains as the major attractive Digital Asset.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin gained 4.46%, Ethereum gained 7.76% and Bitcoin Cash gained 11.63%. All these gains were in the last 24 hours.

Ripple Investors Have To Be Patient

A winning strategy in Crypto markets does not pay in the short term. For instance, initial Bitcoin investors have waited for years before the prices hit an all-time high in late 2017, almost 9 years down the line. In the same way, XRP investors have to be patient as the market catapults Ripple to new heights in the coming years.

XRP Is An Outlier In The Crypto MarketRipple’s Strengths

Unlike Bitcoin which is at the receiving end of most market regulators watch and therefore suffers greatly from shocks, Ripple is largely not targeted by radical actions that often erode gains. Moreover, investors have been looking to diversify their Crypto investment portfolios and this has resulted in the decline of BTC crypto market share from once dominance rates of 80% to the current 55%.

Additionally, Ripple has a loyal and growing market especially in Japan and much of the far east that is driving the demand for XRP. Just earlier in the week, Ripple signed a partnership with SBI holdings, a popular Japanese Fintech firm, to form the Ripple SBI platform that will be providing cheap, instant and efficient fiat/Crypto transfer services.

Technically, Ripple is different from its competitors such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple is a centralized version of DLT, unlike the others which are completely decentralized. In a way, this difference is its strength.

Ripple was launched in 2012 and the CEO is Brad Garlinghouse. It is a US-based Blockchain.


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