List Of Major Retails Accepting Bitcoin


Bitcoin will probably one day, in the near future, rule the world, as not only the gold standard of Cryptocurrencies but surely overtake well-known Fiat currencies. The list of retailers accepting Bitcoin has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Or should I say, the last couple of months? With Bitcoin hitting another record high price over the weekend, it is no wonder more than 13 major outlets are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

Why is the market so optimistic all of a sudden?

There are a number of reasons and movements that gave way to investors being optimistic about investing in Bitcoin. According to an article that appeared in the New York Times, people from South Korea who have invested in Bitcoin, encourage others to follow suite and in that regard, Bitcoin has grown significantly in that part of the world. Nathaniel Poppers, the founder of Korbit was quoted in the article saying that current investors invite other investors to ‘join the party.’ Thanks to this, there has been a real movement amongst investors in South Korea. Staying in South Korea, the two major Cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb and Coinone have grown significantly, as more and more people are investing in Bitcoin, as opposed to more traditional forms of investment and saving. This has also made the Cryptocurrency world a lot more trustworthy to investors from elsewhere in the world.

Updated list of major retailers accepting Bitcoin

With its increasing popularity, the list of major retailers accepting Bitcoin has also grown substantially. This can be attributed to Bitcoin’s many benefits like speed, security, cheap transaction fees and anonymity characteristics. Here is a list of top major retails who accept Bitcoin:

• Virgin Galactic
• TigerDirect
• Dish Network
• Microsoft
• eGifter
• Gyft
• Zynga
• Starbucks
• Subway
• AutoPartsWay

This list is getting longer by the day. Most recently, McDonalds in Thailand announced that they would also be accepting Bitcoin. In conclusion, industry analysts are predicting that in 2018, the price of Bitcoin could go as high as $10 000. However, strategists are saying that this could soon be followed by a correction. Best hold on for a very exciting ride!


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