Kairos and Pingvalue Merge to Introduce Facial Analysis Based – Consumer Recommendation System


The Token

Project Name – Kairos
The Token Symbol – Utility Token: FACE; Security Token: KAIROS
Total Supply – 450,000,000
Price Per Token – 1 FACE =$0.20; 1 KAIROS = $0.20
Crowd sale Date – April 2018

Kairos & Pingvalue: Their Specialties

Kairos is an artificial intelligence organisation with interest in facial recognition while Pingvalue is an organisation focused on modernising the world of digital advertising. These two major companies have announced that they are coming together to create a top-notch identity-based system, which will study the behaviour of the consumers based on emotions and demographics. This comes at a time when Kairos has announced its ICO crowdsale, scheduled to begin in April 2018.

The Current Situation

At the moment, various consumers from different markets are overwhelmed with marketing and advertising messages, whereas a good number of them are off-target. This shows that relevance is vital for any kind of company that desires to attract and retain their clients.

With the help of its Blockchain technology 4.0, the main aim of Pingvalue is to ensure that the user experience in both the real and digital worlds is enhanced. When its open platform is combined with the facial recognition feature that Kairos have, users will be able to receive personalized suggestions depending on their demographics, emotions, and identity at a particular moment. This will even further assist in understanding consumer’s own attitude on certain organizations and products.

The user will then opt to share personal information with the institutions or businesses, enabling the organizations to better understand them as the consumers and their preferences and tastes.

This is one of the best ways in which businesses can employ to improve their customer experience and ensure that they have the right message targeted for the right customer base and the right time.

The Kairos’ Human Analytics

With this feature, Kairos makes it possible to gather real-time and unique insights about individuals such as ethnicity, gender, age, emotions, and sentiment, as they get into contact with businesses, products, and brands.

This is the technology the Pingvalue engine will utilize to offer end users with certain recommendations on products, food, events, places, as well as promotions entirely based on their profiles, emotions, and mood on a given context and moment.

An Improved Customer Experience

Apart from enhancing the consumer experience, this blends of insights generated by these two tech giants; Kairos and Pingvalue would also modernize the business performance especially on the part of marketing and advertising.

Depending on the consumer emotions, companies will be able to receive feedback on the relevance of their recommendations and the customer experience. When making the announcement, the Chief Executive Officer of Pingvalue stated that they had finalised the plans of integrating the Kairos’ face analysis technology to their open platform.

He went further to explain that this new technology will give the Pingvalue customers an opportunity to enhance their identification processes. For more than five years Kairos has been in existence, it has been known as the leader when it comes to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, and therefore its partnership with Pingvalue presents great support to the consumers.

Formed in 2012, Kairos is based in Miami, FL and serves a diverse international customer base as a venture-backed organisation.


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