Cryptos Winking At Hollywood


Hollywood A-lister Christopher Woodrow is said to extend his empire from producing kick-ass movies to producing a very promising ICO. MovieCoin is set to take Hollywood by storm.

The idea behind MovieCoin is to raise $100 million at its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage. The funds will be used to produce more ground-breaking films. The success of this coin will ride on the backs of the success rate of the produced movies and can be traded accordingly.

Woodrow is an American film producer and financier, and has a long history in Hollywood. He has produced and financed movies such as Child44, Birdman, The Green Inferno, to name but a few. He co-founded well-known Worldview Entertainment in 2007. Throughout his career, Woodrow has been given a few prestigious titles; such as Variety’s 10 Producers To Watch in 2012 and Deadline’s Producers To Watch in 2013. Woodrow also has a background in investment banking and portfolio management as he was Vice President of Citigroup Global Markets and also worked at CIBC World Markets and Oppenheimer & Co.

MovieCoin is said to revolutionize the financing of films, as Woodrow put it to online news site Bloomberg during a telephonic interview. Woodrow said a list of movie stars, directors and producers have been considered to participate in the project. With the use of Blockchain, the hopes that the movie industry could also become decentralized and middleman management could be eradicated.

Should Woodrow succeed with this project, he could have millions to tap in to fund movies. Unlike crowdfunding models, which may come across as restraining from time to time.

Hacksaw is by far not the first person to use ICOs for various applications. TrumpCoin was used by now president Donald Trump to fund his election campaign whilst PotCoin is backing cannabis. So has Bjork, whose latest album entitled Utopia will be for sale to those paying with cryptos like Bitcoin, Dash, AudioCoin, and Litecoin.

By the way, AudioCoin, which has a market cap of $2.8 million is known as the music crypto and enables users to buy music. Celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather and Paris Hilton have endorsed various new ICOs and attracted millions of fans.


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