Cryptos Less Promising Than Blockchain


It seems as if Bitcoin and Blockchain is getting more support from the big guns. This follows the chief investment officer for the Deutsche Bank, Christian Nolting and global head of the CIO office, Marcus Muller who recently lent their support to Bitcoin and Blockchain during a presentation.

According to the pair, Blockchain technologies has huge opportunities and in no time at all, will be implemented by many businesses across the globe. The presentation was about digital currencies, Blockchain and what the future holds. They predicted that about 10% of the GDP would be “regulated by Blockchain tech in 2027.”

Reasons being that Blockchain tech allows for “faster and cheaper exchange of assets and financial products,” the presentation said.

It is interesting that whilst they praise Blockchain tech, the pair were less optimistic about Cryptocurrencies, as they have been classified as “highly speculative.” It was stated in the presentation that cryptos needed to be regulated and security beefed up before they could be classified as an asset.

Staying on the topic of life changing Blockchain tech, alt coin PIVX has made history with its first PoS (Proof of Stake) that has implemented a private and anonymous protocol. This differs from public ledgers that allows others to see what transactions have been made, as well as balances. PIVX’s Zerocoin basically unlinks transactions and is today being hailed as the top privacy coin on the market.

In other news, APMEX, one of the biggest online gold dealers announced over the weekend that they would be accepting payment in Bitcoin. This will be made possible by the integration of BitPay. You can even get a bit of a discount if you purchase gold with your Bitcoin. The reason for this announcement is due to APMEX wanting to meet the needs of clients. So, the “I” s have it then! This follows close on Sharps Pixley, a precious metals dealer who announced in September that they would accept Bitcoin payments.

Sunday was the expected release of the futures report from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). While some were expecting a gigantic increase in Bitcoin’s price it went from $14,509 to $15,732.


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