Countdown To Bitcoin Gold Has Started


The countdown to 25 October has begun. This marks the date, which the scheduled Bitcoin Gold fork will make its mark and you can bet your bottom dollar, or Bitcoin that it will be huge.

Various exchanges and bitcoin service providers have released information on whether or not they support Bitcoin Gold so that investors will have enough time to move their cryptos to the desired site to get their hands on the gold.

First up is Coinbase. A mere two days ago (21 October), the exchange made the announcement that they will not be supporting the upcoming fork due to its protocol being incompatible. It was explained the developers of Bitcoin Gold has not made the code freely available for public review and they view this as a ‘major security risk’. They will however, keep a close eye on Bitcoin Gold to ensure the security and viability of the network. This leaves room for a possible announcement that Coinbase may at a later stage, support Bitcoin Gold. Sorry folks, no luck here.

The very same day, Satoshi Labs and Ledger, a hardware wallet manufacturer based in Prague took to Twitter to make their voice heard. They also question the safety aspect of the new Bitcoin Gold and says that an announcement from Trezor can be expected shortly. Trezor goes a step further by adding to the list of incompatibilities that seems to be leaving a sour taste in the mouth of cryptocurrency exchanges, by stating that its developers have not added replay protection. Apparently this is a big deal for service providers. With regards to whether or not they support Bitcoin Gold, Satoshi Labs made it clear that whether or not investors will get Bitcoin Gold or not depends on the timeframe.

Moving on to Ledger Wallet in France, the company said that they won’t have a problem with Bitcoin Gold but first they want the code plus replay protection and if this is successful, investors will get their share of the loot. Hooray!

Coinomi has come out to say that they will support Bitcoin Gold and split tokens will be awarded to users of the Coinomi wallet on 1 November when the network is live. They even give a detailed description on how users can go about to get Bitcoin Gold.

Bittrex on the other hand said users will get Bitcoin Gold if they hold Bitcoin on the exchange on 24 October. However there are some concerns from their side and Bittrex has said that they may not include the token ‘within the platform’s markets’. Their concerns are mostly due to the consensus code, the lack of relay protection, as well as lack of code testing.

Better start getting your ducks in a row so that you don’t miss out on another opportunity to make money!


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