COTI: The New PayPal?


The Token

Ticker – COTI
The Token Type – Own Wallet
Token Name – XCT
The Fundraising Objective – $60,000,000

The revolution that is currently seen in the Blockchain sector tends to champion for a pattern change in the reimbursement of finances, bringing a number of top-notch solutions. There are, however, so many difficulties when it comes to adapting this new kind of currency for day-to-day use by merchants and consumers.

Luckily enough, the void that has been created can be safely solved by COTI, a FinTech startup designed to work more like an advanced PayPal.

What is COTI?

COTI is basically a decentralised method of payment that incorporates the best of the immutability of the digital system as well as a number of other traditional features. The main objective of this platform is to come up with not only an intuitive system but also one that is trustless, seamless and features some of the best trust-based techniques.

This is the only way the interests of both buyers and sellers will be safeguarded, while at the same time moving the costs of transactions down to almost nil.

COTI’s main platform will be able to settle the transactions with much ease, courtesy of its ability to process thousands of operations just within seconds.

COTI’s Solution Ecosystem

COTI’s main ecosystem has been supported by three main systems. They include the following:

• Trust Scoring Engine
• Mediation System
• Currency Exchange

Trust Scoring Engine

This is an automated technology that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that interactions between the sellers and buyers are monitored and evaluated over time. The Trust Score Engine also assigns particular scores depending on the transaction history of the sellers and buyers.

The system has been made to promote a zero-trust transaction between the users of the marketplace, mitigate against any possible case of fraud, indicate trustworthiness to counterparties, and reduce the fees of transactions for the users that are highly rated.

Mediation System

This system will come to play when there is any kind of disputes on the network. It is made up of crowdsourced and independent mediators that assist in leveraging the data science and game theory to maintain the network’s integrity and solve the disputes in a fair manner.

Currency Exchange

This is the system that connects the fiat world to the digital space. It enables the users to convert from one currency to the other without the need of go-betweens. This offers an instantaneous liquidity source for the entire ecosystem.

Looking at the above features, one will be convinced that COTI is a new PayPal, but here is another feature that makes it even more effective:

The XCT Token: The Solution Driver

This token has been expertly designed to overcome the systemic scalability issues that are associated with the current system. This token literally drives all the settlements and transactions undergoing on the COTI network. COTI is the first virtual currency that has been designed with measures that assist in safeguarding the consumers against fraud and human error.

The Team

COTI team is headed by a payment enthusiast known as Te Nir Gazit. Eyal Wagner, who is the head of legal affairs and Adam Rabie, the CTO, closely assists him.


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