Paris Saint Germain

Things are now moving swiftly with Fan Tokens and football team Paris Saint Germain has taken the lead on kicking things off. The French football giant is all ready to launch their own token ecosystem, as they follow the trend that has been kicked of by stars such as Akon and Ronaldinho.

Saint GermainParis Saint Germain is working alongside to produce and release this latest product. This French football team is the most popular in the country and has millions of followers worldwide which is a great foundation for the team. On the other hand, – which is supported by sports Blockchain company chiliZ – has raised $66 million in capital so far and is ready to rock and roll with this new project. The company is powered by Blockchain and has a whole lot of support including Binance. Two powerful brands together – the start of a beautiful relationship.

Fan Token Offering

A Fan Token Offering really brings together the supporter community and allows them to engage with the club a lot easier and quicker than previously before. Fans of the team can now enjoy voting on things such as the color of the team’s shirts, the music played at the stadium as well as Player of the Match, charity match players etc. It really opens up how teams can communicate with their fans and vice versa, taking clubs to the next level of fan engagement. The token ($CHZ) can be used on

The aim of the Paris Saint Germain token ecosystem is to liaise with their fans and offer them a monetary reward for their interaction with the club. This is very much a new way of working for both the club and the fans so there will be a few months of bedding in to make sure that expectations are managed. The club also hopes to make the most of what the digital economy can offer and wants to get ahead of the game. The management team is very aware of the potential of entering into the new financial and digital technology. There is a lot of excitement around this new announcement. The Fan Token Offering will be held soon with news on further details to be released imminent.

Crypto and Sport

Cryptocurrencies And Sport

This is not the first time that the sports world has been linked with token ecosystems and Cryptocurrencies. Fantastic and world famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has already launched his own Soccer Coin RSC. Ronaldinho is working alongside World Soccer Coin (WSC) to give something back to the football world following his long and very successful career. Projects included are a football academy and a betting platform. Floyd Mayweather – the Boxing superstar – has also been involved with an Initial Coin Offering. That is without mentioning the numerous pop and film stars that have been getting on board the Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering and Blockchain technology train.

With the addition of CryptoKitties and other novel entertainment ideas, the digital economy is really being brought to the masses now. Those that otherwise would not have been involved have been exposed to the latest in the financial market. Who knows what the future will bring, but every day sees something new and exciting released.


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